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Make your meeting a safe and focused place

My understanding of my role as facilitator and executive coach is to support the leadership Teams I work with to have the conversations they wouldn’t have otherwise, starting by creating a safe place for them. This article gives you some tips on how you can do this when your facilitator /team coach isn’t there.

How do you think your next Leadership Team meeting would go if you also include the following questions:

What do you think I need to know?

– Where are you struggling?

– What are you proud of?

Enjoy the safe place!


Hold better meetings: Connect purpose to agenda items

What if agenda topics were listed as questions the team needs to answer?

TIP: The idea behind is that you become clearer on the purpose of each agenda item.

Example: instead of writing “Programme Plenary session National sales Convention” you could write as agenda item: “What topics will ensure full engagement during the plenary session?” (if the item is about selecting topics and the goal is to have people engaged) Ask me, an experienced facilitator to shadow one of your meetings to offer feedforward and share best practices!

Treating organizational time as a budget

Are you treating organisational time as tough as a budget?

And are you ready as a starter to ruthlessly assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s regular meetings?

Let us engage in an exchange on how to save up to 20% organisational time, a facilitator can help!