Monthly Archives: January 2019

Let’s talk

Have you already sat down one-on-one with you key people and had an OPEN EXCHANGE to start off the year?

Great opportunity to have a common VIEW at the year ahead, to listen to and exchange on mutual expectations, individual aspirations, vision of success, support needs.

Get out!

OOO, Out Of the Office! Already now, just as we’ve started in the new year? The start in a new year gives us fresh eyes and minds and free heads. It’s a time where we are most able to think big and take a bird view.

What do you need to exchange on, plan, construct with your key leaders and therefore, when will be your first/next OOO together?

Starting 2019

So many posts those day on new years resolutions, yes do or no don’t, how to and how not to. If we were to take ONE new years resolution, then let us pledge to shape a purposeful year, for ourselves our loved ones, the persons around us and those working with us.

What purposeful then concretely means for YOU is yours.

It’s the difference(s) you aim at making, the footprint(s) you aim at leaving; intentionally, meaningfully, with determination.

Yes, 2019 will be different than 2018.

Is there a THEME, a TITLE you want to give to this new year?

It’s going to be the year of …,

It’s going to be the year in which you will … Looking forward to exploring, exchanging, realizing with you