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“BE QUIET, USE YOUR EARS, SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH, you then may find out that you learn something”. Obama´s advice at Bits19 to men in meetings to address issues of diversity. This is what he said at the White House when he realized that meetings were diverse with experts women in the room who were not be listened to.

How to pave the way for motivated employees & organisational success?

“How many bosses have you had? How many would you willingly work for again?”

“30%” was the result, provided by Adam Yearsley at Bits19.

As a #leader, would you be satisfied with this feedback? I certainly wouldn’t!

To be a good leader you need to start by asking concrete questions: What do your people in your organisation want and need?

If you can really answer this question, you can create the right working environment – paving the way for motivated employees & organisational success.

Jessica Alba´s inspirational words at Bits & Pretzels

“If you want to create true change and have some type of meaning, you probably end up getting a lot of resistance.” True words from Jessica Alba at Bits & Pretzels!

Change might be uncomfortable at the first view. But it is worth fighting for your ideas and engaging others to step out of their “comfort zone”!

This is how you make a difference. This is how you create real impact.