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Stimulating exchanges yesterday at Bits20 about the future of office work during the pandemic and beyond…
“You will go (back) to the office because you expect an added-value”

Do you know for your organisation what is this expected added-value?
Can the answer be just “the value of really (=physically) meeting each other”? or “free fruits and table soccer”. I doubt.
Find out!

an office with a desk and chair in a room

Employee Engagement Virtually Bits20

Bits20, thank you Sophie O´Donoghue for some concrete International communication to foster employment engagement virtually.
I particularly liked:
– have ONE virtual space that employees can rely on for the HIGHEST priority news, posting ONLY ONCE/DAY
– “AskMeAnything” (AMA) session, virtual space open 24/7 where people can post questions
– “STORY TIME”-session, an open virtual Qs&As session, 45min with 2 Leadership Team Executives, with the goal of getting to know the Execs better

Stop seeing the return as a destination!

“Stop seeing the return as a destination!”. It will be a transition on your path to some profound organizational transformation opportunities. This article offers many foods for thoughts and shifting perspectives, discussing which attitudes or practices businesses should stop, which they should start, and which they should accelerate.