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Planning for freshness and new perspectives for a long, hot week

This week is going to be hot in many countries in Europe and metaphorically for many leaders also, given business schedules ahead.

Sunday night or monday morning will be your coolest time slot to plan your week ahead and the impact you want to make.

So, while you are enjoying coolness and overseeing this week to come, can you identify the opportunities for you to offer directions and share excitement about new perspectives and oportunities?

The WHY and the WHY for?

On how many occasions this year have you communicated, taught, educated, informed your organisation about big changes ahead?

Far too ofen I still observe that communication around future changes, strategic decisions made, is scarce. Yes, things may have been said and explained, once, twice. However keep in mind, you can’t do this enough, particularly in times of transition, before changes are implemented. Use every opportunity, every encounter.

You may not be able to share which area may be impacted precisely, yet it is absolutely vital to repeat, again and again, WHY particular strategic decisions have been made and to offer a picture of FUTURE SUCCESS once change is implemented (What do you hope to accomplish? what would be then possible ?)

And if your really want to know what has come accross, go and interview randomely your employees: “Why are we doing this? What do we hope then to accomplish once implemented?”

Can you change the way of holding mid-year reviews? Part 2

2. Reviewing YOUR leadership impact:

What about listing the turnaround moments you as a leader have been able to initiate in the first half-part of the year? Which major differences were YOU personally able to make, whether privately or to your organisation, your team, your peers, your customers?

What insights do you gain from this personal impact review? What do you need to personally focus on for the second half of the year to increase your leadership impact?

Can you change the way of holding mid-year reviews? -Part 1

With June starting and the year already half through comes the time to STOP. And REVIEW the first half of the year.

Make the purposes clear, i.e. to aknowledge successes AND what it took to reach them, as well as to plan for a strong(er) second half of the year.

There are many ways of holding half-year reviews, and your organisation may have formal processes for doing so. Often, with the mid-year budget review comes strategic (execution) review and performance reviews for many employees. What else should be reviewed? What is missing in your mid-year review?