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When others are the problem

The summary tip I would put on this article is as simple as this: BE EXPLICIT! What I mean by that is: SHARE EXPLICITELY.
Be explicit within your team about objectives and desired future state; be explicit on priorities within and for the team; be explicit about why you may say no or need to differ a task or challenge the deadlines.

How can you regain control of this week?

Some weeks feel a little bit “straighter” and more focused. Projects are advancing, decisions made and implemented, meetings fruitful and constructive. And there are these others (many) weeks feeling disorganised, chaotic, with too many meetings back-to-back, not enough time to stop & think, decisions beeing postponed, interruptions beeing particularly frequent. In those weeks, you feel less in control and lacking impact.
It’s mid-week today, how does this week feel sofar? What can you do to ensure key priorities are adressed? To what do you need to say NO, to what do you need to express a stronger YES, so that Friday will feel like you’ve made a difference?

Leadership = Leaders sharing Inspiration and Vision

Make this your daily objectives ! No need to wait for the yearly / quarterly national conference or Town Hall gathering. Very simple, in daily behaviors sharing vision means also STARTING WITH THE END IN MIND, eg saying :
we will have closed this project /
make this decision /
sign this contract,
we will be in the position of… /
then xyz will be possible/
then you’ll be able to… “

So WHEN…. THEN.., that’s the formula for sharing what you see and envisage for the future.