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Employee engagement: how much is enough?

These findings kind of intrigued me: First, 17% fully engaged when belonging to a team, hum, isn’t this sad and a clear Leader’s call for action?Not only this is about the questions you need to ask in your organisation, it’s also about your authentic curiosity to listen to the answers and your true dedication to fundamentally initiate real shifts and follow on implementation.

Then, no surprise that deep trust in the Team leader significantly raises engagement level. On the other hand, is 45% the mark you would hope to achieve then?

Lucky you if you think you can disregard and/or discredit these results, comfortable to fully trust the “It’s certainly better around here, in our organisation”.

Or are you open, courageous and confident enough to face what the facts and figures could potentially look like in your organisation? And explore with a team coach how trustful relationships and connections in the team can be designed and supported to achieve a higher engagement and therefore team performance? Let us talk if you are willing to explore !