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Difference between recognition and appreciation

Thank you, Mike Robbins, for bringing to attention the difference between recognition and appreciation. I particularly enjoyed the quote from Teddy Roosevelt: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” There is one little word I’d like to add to your call: Do recognition and appreciation TRULY. That is what will make the whole difference, and your people will notice.

Did you express this week appreciation and recognition, precisely, timely and truly?


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For a Team to Work Smoothly, You Need 3 Things

Here is today’s HBR Management Tip of the day (subscribe here: https://lnkd.in/deKbMNW) :

For a Team to Work Smoothly, You Need 3 Things: (…)

•INTERNAL SELF-AWARENESS is about understanding how your values affect your decisions. To improve, consider how your emotions and assumptions in a situation lead you to act a certain way. Resist the urge to act until you understand what’s driving you.

•EXTERNAL SELF-AWARENESS is about understanding how your actions affect other people. To improve, pay attention to how your colleagues react to things, and ask yourself (or them) what could be behind their behavior.

•PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY helps you asses how you are contributing to a problem. To improve, accept that you probably share some blame for what’s going wrong. Use internal and external self-awareness to think carefully about how you may need to change. Adapted from “To Improve Your Team, First Work on Yourself,” by Jennifer Porter What do YOU need to put your attention on?