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What was your game plan like this week?

What a week! Packed with meetings and trips, it was exceptionally busy. Our weekly routine reminds me much of a board game. Wouldn’t you agree leaders? Step by step we move forward, complete tasks or collect points. But what was your game plan like this week?

In one of my last posts, I shared how to effectively plan your week to reach your goals. Now it’s time to look back, evaluate and refine your strategy. Feel free to try out the next 4 steps with me:

1. Review what was on your to-do-list. Tick what you’ve done – and be proud!

2. Question yourself:
– What did you do this week that had a real impact? on your organisation, on individuals, for your clients?
– What did you plan to do but didn’t? What stood on your way?

3. Learn from yourself:
– What is this week’s lesson learned?
– What can you do differently next week?

4. Look at your calendar: What have you already planned for next week?
– Revise your plan, cancel less important tasks and free up time.
– Make a plan for the week to come – see one of my last posts.

All set? So, “Step forward to ‘Go’”.

Be the captain of the week to come

SUNDAY NIGHT, prepare to be the captain of the week to come! Here is my sunday night ritual: I take 15-20 min to look at the week to come.

1. White Paper Start: I am writing down the things I need and want to do this week, eg
– Todos from follow-up on files/projects (which I can anticipate)
– Work associated with preparation or follow-up from (fix) meetings/appointments
– People to contact or talk to
– Small bits on important but not urgent projects (e.g. time to plan project or a worshop, presentations)
– Delegation tasks
– Personal stuff

2. I sort and mark on the list:
– What I can delegate and what only can be done by me
– What is Urgent & Important
– What is Important but not Urgent

3. I take my calendar and check appointments and tasks that are already planned for the week; and give myself permission to cancel/rearrange appointments which do not fit my priorities.

4. I feed tasks from the white paper list into my weekly calendar, entering and blocking time for those tasks.

5. I step back, review, challenge…
– Realistic times of the day for certain tasks? Realistic length of task? Period of overbooking?
– Space for all the last-minute matters that show up?

Let us know your own tips in the comments below!