The WHY and the WHY for?

On how many occasions this year have you communicated, taught, educated, informed your organisation about big changes ahead?

Far too ofen I still observe that communication around future changes, strategic decisions made, is scarce. Yes, things may have been said and explained, once, twice. However keep in mind, you can’t do this enough, particularly in times of transition, before changes are implemented. Use every opportunity, every encounter.

You may not be able to share which area may be impacted precisely, yet it is absolutely vital to repeat, again and again, WHY particular strategic decisions have been made and to offer a picture of FUTURE SUCCESS once change is implemented (What do you hope to accomplish? what would be then possible ?)

And if your really want to know what has come accross, go and interview randomely your employees: “Why are we doing this? What do we hope then to accomplish once implemented?”