Is digital transformation also on your agenda?

If so, have you mastered the basics?

Supporting leaders in very various organisations I need to be able to hold and initiate video-conferencing from many different plattforms.

Are you experiencing the same as I do often? : How often does it happen that your scheduled Video Call is not functioning correctly, that you cannot share screens but don’t know why as it functioned very well last time, that your security wall does not allow Skype for business, or zoom, or any other common video plattform?

And that you therefore struggle to align with important counterparts on how ot best hold your meeting via video-conferencing?

Interestingly, I also have clients from the same organisation but different locations who are not using the same VC plattforms and, for security reasons , are not able to use oneanother’s VC provider.

Isn’t that where digital transformation starts? let ‘s make sure we get the basics right!