You are doing such a great job!

Let me tell you, leaders: “You are doing currently such a great job!” It takes a lot of courage to stand up and lead in the face of this new uncertainty. In “normal times”, it’s not always easy to choose when to listen to your heart or your head; and right now, you have to do both simultaneously. You need to implement measures to protect your employees, and at the same time keep the business going as long and as well as possible while also reassuring partners and shareholders.

I am very impressed by all the small stories I currently hear from leaders I work with, fighting for their business, taking courageously some of the toughest and most disruptive decisions they ever had to take. Whether you had to split up your teams, sent people home or even temporarily closed your business – you are stepping up to protect what is important and what you have built together with your teams. I hear and can feel your dedication, your determination, your passion, I am seeing you not shying away but developing an incredible energy, so that whenever this is over, you will have done your very best to have saved lives and our economies. This is what true leadership means. Thank you for your courage!