It’s a cliché we’ve all used: “Never Change a Winning Team”. But it’s one we should all rethink, as my valued colleagues Richard Robertson, MScFilip Fiers, Paul Van Geyt pointed out in their workshop at this year’s ICF global gathering in Prague.

Being a leader, you never forget that your market and customers are constantly evolving, also becoming more unpredictable, and your organisation needs the right mix of competencies to guide it through different growth phases. What will it take for your organisation to stay competitive and innovative as it develops?

In diverse and inclusive teams, which put a premium on individuals with various backgrounds, competencies, personalities and strengths, everyone has a particular contribution to make in managing the challenges and opportunities your organisation is facing in its current growth phase. As members of the team learn from each other and start to understand each other’s way of thinking, the creative dynamic inevitably weakens. Realizing this and being able to look critically at your winning team at the top and be ready to introduce a fresh impulse is one of the hallmarks of a truly courageous leader .

How will YOU make sure your team at the top stays diverse?