Impact includes the word Act

IMPACT includes the word ACT, as the founders of Bits & Pretzels – Felix Haas, Bernd Storm van’s Gravesande and Andy Bruckschloegl – pointed out during their opening speech at Bits19

“ImpActing” includes two dimensions for me:

1. “Acting” as a LEADER: Actions speak louder than words. Truly, our actions make a difference and I encourage you to “walk the talk” and take bold decisions.

2. “Being” a leader: Your mood, your attitude, your (un)conscious behaviours – they impact your surroundings, whether in a positive or negative way. You communicate, even when you don’t intend to. Silence is communication, too. You are casting a shadow – the “shadow of a leader”.

Thus: Be conscious of how you ARE in the moment, check if you are sending the messages you want – and spreading the SPIRIT needed to make a difference.